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How to prepare for a digital classroom

27th November 2018

Preparing teachers for a digitally integrated classroom New technology to aid learning and development in the classroom is an absolute must, but for many teachers getting up to speed on how to effectively teach with the latest technology can a...

Ofsted: It’s Not About Exam Results  

16th November 2018

Ofsted has set out in a new 24 slide presentation (available here) how it is planning on putting the interest of the curriculum at the centre of its brand new inspection plan. This new way of assessing schools, is much...

School spending per pupil has fallen 8%

12th November 2018

Its not surprising that over the last 2 years’ 15,000 teachers and assistants have lost their jobs with real-term budget cuts of £2.8b for schools. At a glance, the impact of the cuts (per pupil) are as high as: -£195.88...