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A mobile app for your veterinary practice

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Allow pet owners the ability to book repeat visits, yearly check-ups and appointments through the app.

This gives your customers the ability to book themselves into an appointment using a self-service approach, taking strain away from the practice itself managing its bookings, and allowing the app to dish out pre-set appointments to customers on a first come, first serve basis.

This gives your practice an edge in accessibility and usefulness, allowing customers to book appointments when its convenient for them, which might not necessarily be during your normal working hours.

Consultation Form

This part of the app allows pet owners to engage with your practice and sent through requests for advice or for a call back so that you can better serve those customers who are at work and only able to get in touch at certain times of the day.

Consultation form helps your practice to be available and accessible every day and at every hour, allowing customers the facility to get a message to you for your reception team to access and either call to book an appointment or to reply back directing them to further advise or support.

Pet Advice

Fill your app with vet-approved advise for your customers.

Create sub sections with advise for common concerns amongst pet owners. Add tips for how to trim your cats nails, or how to clean your dogs ears, helping your customers keep their pets healthy and at home and in turn saving them money. This feature is a great way to add value to your customers so they feel they are getting someone extra to help them along their journey to keep their pet healthy.

To aid your customers further, sending regular push notifications about advise and tips is a great way to keep customer engaged. Push Groups allow you to target specific advise at customers with certain pets e.g. dog advise to dog owners.

Pet Gallery

The pet gallery allows your customers to upload photos of their pets.

Ideal as part of a competition and to encourage customers to get involved with your practice and to win prizes for sharing snaps of their healthy pets.

To encourage customers to upload images and to promote use of the gallery, using push notifications to encourage and promote the feature and the practice.

Push Notifications

Reach your customers on the move, wherever they are, with unlimited push notifications included in every app.

Whether you are a small business or a multi-site organisation; promote your business directly to your app users with push notifications whether they are at work or at home.

Timing is everything with push notifications and having your app installed on a customer’s phone gives you an enhanced level of connectivity, a constant open line of communication to inform and educate your customers.

Beat the competition and reach your customers first.

Customer Stats

Keep a tab on your customer
downloads of your mobile app.

Review how many customers are using your app and
examine figures such as age range and other useful
demographic data to help inform the marketing
of your business.

All personal data collected via your mobile app is also
GDPR compliant, giving you peace of mind, and stored
securely within your own dashboard
for marketing and reporting.

See your return on investment.

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The Platform

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Push Notifications

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Push Notifications

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"Can't thank Mobile Rocket enough,
great customer service and excellent app.
So easy to manage."
Jasmine, Lunaria Recruitment
5 Stars
"Our app is a fantastic addition
to our sales and marketing strategy"
Christian Oxley, Greencare Mobility
5 Stars
Railway Inn
"I enjoy sending messages to
our regular customers of what’s on
at the weekend"
Pauline Davison, Railway Inn
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DF Coaching
"Personally, the service has saved
me a lot of time. I’ve also gained
lots of great new customers
along the way!"
DF Coaching
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Our goal is to connect vets with their customers, helping to take
bookings efficiently, and to achieve a high return on investment. No
matter how big or small your business.

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