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Grow your business with a mobile app

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

A mobile app is guaranteed to grow your audience and your business. We help you launch your mobile app to your audience of customers or staff, ensuring that you have the highest number of downloads possible. The more downloads you have, the bigger your audience.

Then its over to you to capture the attention of your audience with engaging and relevant content, delivering push notifications to drive sales, interactions, or simply to share news. But don’t worry, you are not on your own! We support you along your journey to ensure that you get the highest return on investment from your app.

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Social Media
Push Messages
File Storage
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Push Notifications

Reach your customers instantly on their mobile phones with free and unlimited push notifications.

Instantly communicate with your customers - they don’t even have to be using your app or even their phone at the time - so they’ll never miss out on one of your offers, special events or news updates.

Target specific groups of customers with group push messages, you create the groups – geographic regions, product related, based on days of the week – and your customers sign up to receive the most relevant messages to them from within your app.

Capture new customers

Promote your mobile app through your current website, social media and your place of business with our helpful launch pack. Our aim is to help you grow your app audience as quickly as possible so that you gain the highest possible return on investment always.

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Easy to manage
and update

Along with a new mobile app, you are given access to your own dashboard which you can access from anywhere, as long as you have a computer connected to the internet.

Our cloud-based dashboard gives you access to update all areas of your app, including images, files, links, text, or even to send out a push notification. Simply log in, and away you go!

App Analytics

Keep track of the number of downloads your app has received, and which sections are getting the most views so you know what content your audience like the best. Add new pages and see the rewards from your efforts quickly and easily.

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Mobile App

With a Mobile Rocket App you will receive a fully built and designed app.

Monthly £180
All prices are exclusive of VAT

Mobile App

With a Mobile Rocket App you will receive a fully built and designed app.

Yearly £2000
All prices are exclusive of VAT

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