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Recruiters – Who Are Your Ideal Clients and Prospects on LinkedIn?

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Recruiters – Who Are Your Ideal Clients and Prospects on LinkedIn?

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18th March 2019

One of the most important questions you need to answer before you start utilising LinkedIn as a lead generation platform for your business is – who is your LinkedIn target market?

Who are your ideal leads and clients on LinkedIn?

This question seems pretty basic, but a lot of recruiters or even marketers don’t know the answer to this question when I start to dig a bit deeper into their business model.

They have a pretty vague and broad idea of who they want to help, but when it comes to very specific questions, they get confused.

So, I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that LinkedIn has the most powerful, laser focused search, that will find the perfect prospects for you and your business.

The bad news is; if you are not entirely sure of who you want to work with and who your ideal client is very specifically, you won’t be able to use the full potential of LinkedIn search options.

And that means you’ll continue to connect with the wrong leads, waste time and money, and – get very bad conversions into sales from LinkedIn (if any).

Understanding your target market, and understanding how would they appear in LinkedIn is imperative, and it is the BASE of getting started on LinkedIn.

Knowing exactly who you want to work with and which type of client would be ideal for your business is not easy to determine, but you need to do it before you even think about doing anything else on LinkedIn, because you’ll be wasting time and resources on the wrong leads.

You cannot skip steps if you want real results with LinkedIn, so make sure you give this question your full attention.

Answer the questions below, It will help you to understand who you want to target over LinkedIn specifically.

1) How would you describe your ideal client in just one or two words? What is his/her job title? (Be as specific as possible). e.g. business owner, Managing Director…

2) What keyword would you use to describe him/her? What word would this person need to have in his/her profile to help you qualify them even more (e.g. sales, medical, healthcare)? Use this as a Keyword in LinkedIn Search (available in Sales Navigator).

3) Where is your ideal client located (write all the locations)? E.g. UK, Manchester, Leeds, London.

4) In what industry does your ideal client work in? E.g. Accounting, Marketing, Healthcare.

5) In what LinkedIn groups you might find your target market? (If you haven’t joined those groups already, identify them and join them now)

6) How big is your ideal client’s company? E.g. 1 person, 2 – 10 people…
Which seniority level within the company are you targeting? E.g. Director, owner, Manager, MD, CEO, FD, FM marketing etc.

7) What would be the last company your ideal client has worked in? E.g. Microsoft, IBM, Google, not specified etc.

8) Where can you find them on LinkedIn? E.g. though LinkedIn search, looking into LinkedIn groups where they hang out, looking at connections of my idea clients…etc.

Now, use what you answered the questions above, go to LinkedIn and find your ideal clients on LinkedIn. You can use the regular LinkedIn search bar or you can use the LinkedIn’s Advanced search with more filters (available in LinkedIn Sales Navigator).

Put on the information you answered above and start prospecting.