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Job Board

Post your latest job vacancies on your
mobile app, or link directly to your
existing job board. Make your jobs even
more accessible, and make it easier for
candidates to apply for your vacancies.

Upload your vacancy quickly and simply, and help
candidates discover your latest roles on the move via
their smartphone from your own mobile app. Job
applications are delivered directly to you, no time is
wasted, no opportunity missed and you can
immediately start seeing a return on your investment.

Easily manage job vacancies; make recruitment easier
by making it simple.

Submit Timesheets

Make it simple and secure for candidates
to submit timesheets.

Candidates simply take a photo of their completed
timesheet and upload it using your mobile app.
Collect and store passport photos and other signed
compliance documents easily, with individual upload
areas for each.

Less time. Less effort.

Submit a Vacancy

Instant accessibility for clients to request
staff, any hour of the day, quickly and
easily through your mobile app.

Demonstrating to your clients that your recruitment
agency has a slick, easy to use, and accessible means of
getting in touch can do wonders in terms of the
perception of your recruitment agency - proving you are
a cut above the rest.

Your app is always open for business, so you don’t have to

Talent Referral

Often recommendations from
candidates result in the best placements.

You have advertised your job vacancies via your
mobile app, and received some great applications,
now its time to capitalise on your hard work by
promoting candidate referrals.

Work smart. Empower your candidates to recruit for

Push Notifications

Reach candidates on the move, wherever
they are, with unlimited push
notifications included in every app.

Promote new vacancies, exciting opportunities or
important information with push notifications.
Having your app installed on candidate’s phones
gives you an enhanced level of connectivity, a
constant open line of communication, so you are
better able to reach your candidates in a fast,
effective and cost-efficient way.

Gain an advantage in reaching the best talent.

Candidate Stats

Measure the effectiveness of your app
promotion with handy download

Review your mobile app talent pool and examine
the demographic data of your app users. All personal data
collected via your app is GDPR compliant, giving you
peace of mind, and stored securely within your
own dashboard.

Track your progress and see the return on your investment.

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“Can't thank Mobile Rocket
enough, great customer
service and excellent app.
So easy to manage.”

Jasmine, Lunaria Recruitment

“The service I have received
for our business from Mobile
Rocket, has been nothing
short of exemplary”

Jimmy, LJM Recruitment

“The templates are easy to
create and can be updated in
real time, even for someone
who is not technical.”

Stephen, BBM Partnership
Our goal is to connect Recruiters with candidates, helping to make
placements efficiently, and to achieve a high return on investment.
No matter how big or small your business.