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Text Service

Text Messaging Service

An affordable market-leading text messaging solution, allowing your business to communicate with customers electronically via SMS text messages. The Mobile Rocket text messaging service guarantees to be 20% cheaper than your current provider.

Compose and send your SMS text messages in seconds. Send a text message to individuals or groups, reaching them instantly on their mobile phones. Create your own groups by importing your current contacts quickly and easily – and we are always on hand to help!

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Save Time & Money

Save time and improve your communication with customers today with our text marketing solution. Engage with audience by sending text messages quickly and easily, keeping customers up to date with news and information about your business.

Save money by purchasing only the credits you need, and topping up when you run out.

Text Message Service

Pay As You Go Pricing

500 texts £22.50 (4.5p)
1000 texts £45 (4.5p)
2000 texts £90 (4.5p)
5000 texts £225 (4.5p)
10,000 texts £450 (4.5p)
20,000 texts £800 (4p)
50,000 texts £1,900 (3.8p)
100,000 texts £3,500 (3.5p)