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Top 10 Ways We Are Helping Schools Just Like Yours

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Top 10 Ways We Are Helping Schools Just Like Yours

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29th January 2019

A mobile app is a great tool to benefit any school, and these are the Top 10 things a mobile app can do for your school!


    • Help the school get it’s important information out to parents quickly and easily.


    • Extremely affordable, our apps save schools thousands of poundsĀ a year.


    • Engage with multiple family members if required, not just the main point of contact.


    • Save money by reducing the amount of paper you use by adding news and letters directly to your app.


    • Reduce the volume of calls your school receives from parents by putting information at their fingertips.


    • Create consent forms and feedback forms. Enable parents to submit them electronically.


    • Bespoke to your school. Each app is built with a selection of features customised to your school.


    • Integrated with an SMS system to ensure you can reach everyone.


    • But, why send expensive texts when you can send unlimited individual and group notifications for FREE.


    • Promote family businesses within your school app to generate money for your school.


To find out more, or how to get started with a mobile app, give us a call on 01325 633 287 or to read more visit our getting started page.